Artemis KM 3200 - Solvent Printer

Artemis KM 3200 - more than 150 units sold since 2009. Not even one head replaced. Artemis KM 3200 is the most sought-after solvent printer that, with the maximum width of print of 3200 mm, satisfies customers' various needs. Its best-seller position is guaranteed by the winning combination of low cost of investment, low operation costs, high quality and speed of printing, and last but not least stable operation.

The printer stands out against a background of other so-called "economical" machines. Many components of Artemis KM 3200 come from Japanese and American manufacturers, whereas majority of printers in this segment are based on Chinese and Taiwanese parts.

Konica Minolta heads in KM 3200

The newest generation of 8 piezo-electric heads - Konica Minolta 512 (42 pl) - provide for the printer's high speed and quality of print. The available resolutions range from production mode 180 x 720 dpi to high-quality mode 360 x 1080 dpi. For comparison, majority of economical printers are equipped with heads whose actual resolution is two times lower than in KM 3200, which means that printing in 4 passes on the competition's printer is tantamount to printing in 2 passes on KM 3200 printer. That makes KM 3200 two times faster! In addition, engineers have eliminated the effect of spray and uneven edges, both often found in competitive machines. Advanced systems protecting the heads against drying and damage are also worth mentionig.

High quality printing with solvent ink

In traditional printing technology, heads apply horizontal, parallel bands which must be placed on the printed material very precisely in order to create a uniform image, i.e. they cannot overlap, nor be moved away from each other. In case of problems with clogged or unevenly printing nozzles, such technology results in horizontal banding.

FEATHER printing technology has been developed as a result of cooperation between the printer's manufacturer and PhotoPRINT software. Individual bands mildly interlace with each other, which eliminates the effect of banding to a large extent. The operator of the machine controls the process of interlacing in a continuous mode.

The printer comes equipped with a drying table with three independently controlled heating zones: initial heater (max. 65C), mid-heater (max. 40C) and drying heater (max. 65C), and additional section of drying fans. This system ensures proper drying of ink, also in quick printing modes, and facilitates high-volume printing jobs. High working speed, reliability and diversity of low-cost non-coated media compatible with this printer ensure fast return on investment.

Artemis KM 3200 is equipped with a simple and reliable heads' cleaning system based on underpressure ink suction. One can control the method of cleaning both from the level of the printer and by means of software. This easily accessed function enables cleaning all heads at the same time or just one specific colour section at a time, which minimizes ink loss.

Main advantages of Artemis KM 3200

  • high-quality Japanese and American components
  • stable and proven structure
  • very good quality to price ratio
  • modern Konica 512, 42 pl heads
  • unwinding-winding system up to 100 kg
  • resistance of printout to external conditions (water and UV radiation) from 3 up to 5 years
  • high efficiency combined with speed, reliability and user-friendliness


  • Printing technology: Piezo
  • Printhead: Konica Minolta
  • Inks: solvent
  • Width of material: max. 3200 mm (126'')
  • Width of print: max. 3200 mm (126'')
  • Resolution: max. 1080 dpi
  • Speed: max. 100 m2/h
  • Power Supply: 230V, 50-60 Hz
  • Rated current: 40A
  • Working Environment: temp. 20-28 °C, humidity: 40-60%
  • Colours: CMYK


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